We heartily invite all curious minds, makers and sustainability enthusiasts to join our circular home journey.

Circular Home Lab @ Online school of food design

Deep Dive - a 6 Week Course

We are excited to launch a special extended workshop in partnership with OSFD this summer! Join us for a deep dive into new economic systems and research around leveraging food waste towards a valuable resource for innovation in biodesign, moving into transforming this new knowledge into tangible matter by transforming household food waste into objects. > This is the first time this extended workshop is available for public sign up! We look forward to see you there 🙂

Circular Home Lab - on demand

Stay tuned for news very sooon 😀

Rethinking Waste

We invite you to rethink waste and it's systems with us. Together we will explore the beauty of natural colours from food leftovers and potential applications in DIY material making.

DIY Material Making

The Circular Home Lab workshops 'Design from Waste', is an introductory level series that aims to empower anyone to start material making!

Communal Exploration

We hope our workshops to be a space to come together and with a communal spirit explore the vast possibilites of designing with the most local resource we have - our household surplus 😀

Nurturing Sustainable Visions

Team Circular Home Lab has the vision that through exploring together, learning and applying new skill sets - we create the tools to feed and realise more sustainable futures. Let's get started today to create a fantastic tomorrow!

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