We are a duo hosting virtual workshops, inviting you to explore the circular materiality of turning food waste into home products.

Material Design

Paula Nerlich

Paula is an award-winning entrepreneur and Biodesigner whose work has been featured and exhibited at the London Design Museum, Wallpaper Magazine as well as in international innovation platforms. With her work she aims to support the elimination of so called food waste through the creation of circular biomaterials from industrial food production surplus and Paula initiates discourse around the value of waste as resource and the place of new products and materials in a circular economy. She works with global clients and regularly is invited as guest lecturer to leading Design Schools across Europe.

Business Design

Vanessa Rosenthal

Vanessa is an innovation consultant focused on bringing early stage research to life within sustainable ecosystems. As a believer in the power of collaboration, Vanessa leads the Speculative Futures London Chapter, taking alternative leaps into how the world could be through the lenses of arts, design and science - connected with 50+ chapters across the globe. Prior, she worked across North America and Europe with clients like Google on the future of education and digital healthcare. Vanessa holds a Master in International Business from Hult Business School, London, San Francisco and Boston.

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